Kerala Lottery Result Chart Today 22.02.2024 Karunya Plus KN 510 Winners List

Kerala Lottery Result Chart Today 22.02.2024 Karunya Plus KN 510 Winners List


Kerala Lottery Result 22-02-2024 Karunya Plus KN 510 Lottery Result Provide Official Kerala Lottery Result Today 22.02.2024 Karunya Plus KN 510/ KL Chart Download, കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം 2024 Win-Win lottery, Sthree Sakthi, Fifty Fifty, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, Karunya, Akshaya, Kerala Bumper Lottery Results.

Official Kerala Lottery Result Chart Today Live

Kerala State Lotteries 22 February 2024 Karunya Plus KN-510 Winners List

Kerala Lottery Result Chart

Kerala Lottery Result Live Today 22 February 2024

ഇന്നത്തെ കേരള ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം

Kerala Lottery Today Result - 22/02/2024
Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus KN 510 Result - 22.02.2024

Kerala Lottery Today Result

Kerala Lottery Yesterday Result
Kerala Lottery Fifty Fifty FF 85 Result- 21.02.2024

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Kerala Lottery Live Today 22.02.24

Organization NameKerala State Lotteries
Draw NameKarunya Plus Lottery
Draw CodeKN 510
First PrizeRs. 80,00,000/-
Draw Date22-02-2024
Time3 to 4 PM
Result StatusLive Result Start @ 03:00 pm

Kerala Lottery Monthly Chart 2024

The latest Monthly Lottery Chart 2024 lists are given below table organized by Lottery Name, Date, Click the View Result Button.

Kerala Lottery NameDatedResult
Karunya Plus KN 510 Result22.02.2024View
Fifty Fifty FF 85 Result21.02.2024View
Sthree Sakthi SS 403 Result20.02.2024View
Win Win W 757 Result19.02.2024View
Akshaya AK 639 Result18.02.2024View
Karunya KR 641 Result17.02.2024View
Nirmal NR 367 Result16.02.2024View
Karunya Plus KN 509 Result15.02.2024View
Fifty Fifty FF 84 Result14.02.2024View
Sthree Sakthi SS 402 Result13.02.2024View
Win Win W 756 Result12.02.2024View
Akshaya AK 638 Result11.02.2024View
Karunya KR 640 Result10.02.2024View
Nirmal NR 366 Result09.02.2024View
Karunya Plus KN 508 Result08.02.2024View
Fifty Fifty FF 83 Result07.02.2024View
Sthree Sakthi SS 401 Result06.02.2024View
Win Win W 755 Result05.02.2024View
Akshaya AK 637 Result04.02.2024View
Karunya KR 639 Result03.02.2024View
Nirmal NR 365 Result02.02.2024View
Karunya Plus KN 507 Result01.02.2024View
Fifty Fifty FF 82 Result31.01.2024View
Sthree Sakthi SS 400 Result30.01.2024View
Win Win W 754 Result29.01.2024View
Akshaya AK 636 Result28.01.2024View
Karunya KR 638 Result27.01.2024View
Karunya Plus KN 506 Result25.01.2024View
Christmas Bumper BR 95 Result24.01.2024View
Sthree Sakthi SS 399 Result23.01.2024View
Win Win W 753 Result22.01.2024View
Akshaya AK 635 Result21.01.2024View
Karunya KR 637 Result20.01.2024View
Nirmal NR 364 Result19.01.2024View
Karunya Plus KN 505 Result18.01.2024View
Fifty Fifty FF 81 Result17.01.2024View
Sthree Sakthi SS 398 Result16.01.2024View
Win Win W 752 Result15.01.2024View
Akshaya AK 634 Result14.01.2024View
Karunya KR 636 Result13.01.2024View
Nirmal NR 363 Result12.01.2024View
Karunya PLus KN 504 Result11.01.2024View

All Kerala State Lotteries Weekly Chart

Kerala State Lotteries are publishing 7 weekly lotteries in a week, all lotteries are different names and different prize structure, All weekly lottery results you can check from our site, click given below Links.

Kerala Lottery Yearly Chart 2023-24

We are providing Kerala Karunya Plus lottery results, Kerala lottery results chart, today's lottery results by guessing the number, Kerala lottery yesterday result, Kerala today Karunya Plus weekly results chart, and today's Kerala lottery guessing number.

Kerala Lottery Results 2023-2024

People can get a detailed list of live Kerala lottery prizes in the next section. The lottery department of the Government of Kerala will announce the result of the Kerala lottery today 2023 at 3pm. People who buy the lottery ticket can check the lottery results now., and Prize winners are verified winning tickets within 30 days of the draw.

Kerala State Lottery Result Officials Yesterday, Today they will announce the lottery result on their official website. Individuals should visit the organization's official website to view the lottery results. You can access the detailed list of awards below.

KL Charts 2023-2024
Kerala lottery online prize money on winning positions
Kerala Lottery Prize Money details
Kerala Lottery 2024 Result how to find the winners list?
Kerala state lotteries result in pdf file - Weekly & Bumper
Kerala state lottery results today
Live Kerala lottery result
Karunya Plus KN 510 Lottery result today 22.02.2024 - Today 3 pm

Today's winning Kerala lottery prize amount is very attractive. The Kerala government has launched a lottery system for unemployed candidates. Unemployed candidates can use the lottery system to win money.

Every week, the government conducts several lotteries. Several people participate in the lottery in the Kerala Karunya Plus KN 510 Today lottery result. Every day the result of the Kerala lottery department is published on the official website.

You will have to log in to the official website to see the lottery result today. The result is available in pdf format.

The PDF file will contain the ticket numbers of the winners. You will get a direct link to check the results on the same page, and you can download the Kerala Lottery Prize Winners List.

Please be patient to see the Kerala lottery result today. In up of the table, the prize winners visit the lottery office.

If you are looking for Kerala lottery results in Karunya Plus KN 510 today's last 3 numbers, today's lottery result guess number, today's lottery result, Kerala result, Kerala result charts, Kerala lottery charts, lottery win chart from Kerala, Kerala chart today. provides lottery results today 2024, Kerala lottery today live results today 2024, Kerala Results Graph 2024, Lottery results chart 22.02.2024, lottery chart of Kerala State Lotteries.

Kerala Weekly Draw Schedule

Sthree SakthiTuesday75,00,000
Fifty FiftyWednesday1 Crore
Karunya PlusThursday80,00,000
Christmas Bumper21.01.202420,00,00,000

Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2024

Live Kerala Lottery Result Today live 2024: Provide Official Kerala Lottery Results pdf / Kerala Chart Download, 2024 Keralalottery Chart, Kerala Lottery 2023 Chart, 2024 Kerala State Lottery Result, Win-Win, Sthree Sakthi, Akshaya, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, Karunya, Bhagyamithra, Kerala Bumper Lottery Results. The Kerala government has launched a lottery system for unemployed candidates. Unemployed candidates can use the lottery system to win money.

KL Prize Claim

For Claim Prize Money, Result was published on the Kerala state lottery department's official website at 4:00 PM. Prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers against the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette and submit/surrender the winning tickets within 30 days.

Official Kerala Lottery Chart

Live Results are available every day @ 03:00 PM on, Office: Directorate of kerala state lotteries, Gorky Bhavan near bakery junction, Thiruvananthapuram (Tvm.) Kerala Bhagyakuri Official Result you can check Pdf File will get after 4PM.


Monthly Chart February 2024 - Kerala Lottery Result

 Kerala Lottery Monthly Chart February 2024

Monthly Chart 2024 - Kerala Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery February Monthly Chart 2024

DateLottery NameCode1st PrizeResult
01-02-24Karunya PlusKN 507177570View
02-02-24NirmalNR 365737744View
03-02-24KarunyaKR 639525224View
04-02-24AkshayaAK 637350822View
05-02-24Win-WinW 755586971View
06-02-24Sthree SakthiSS 401206642View
07-02-24Fifty FiftyFF 83194901View
08-02-24Karunya PlusKN 508313959View
09-02-24NirmalNR 366451246View
10-02-24KarunyaKR 640690364View
11-02-24AkshayaAK 638297608View
12-02-24Win WinW 756272099View
13-02-24Sthree SakthiSS 402588585View
14-02-24Fifty-FiftyFF 84243485View
15-02-24Karunya PlusKN 509299857View
16-02-24NirmalNR 367504089View
17-02-24KarunyaKR 641380682View
18-02-24AkshayaAK 639209399View
19-02-24Win-WinW 757544773View
20-02-24Sthree SakthiSS 403575087View
21-02-24Fifty-FiftyFF 85295690View
22-02-24Karunya PlusKN 510329554View

KL Lottery First Prize tables you will get from this page, If you want to check the full result for the particular day, click on 'view' result or go to the home page and type lottery code to view the full result.

Karunya Plus Lottery Results | Kerala Lottery Result

Karunya Plus Lottery Results in 2023-2024

Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus Results
Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus Results

Kerala Lottery Today Result

ഇന്നത്തെ കേരള ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം

Today/Previous Karunya Plus Lottery Results

Karunya Plus KN-51022.02.2024VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-50915.02.2024VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-50808.02.2024VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-50701.02.2024VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-50625.01.2024VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-50518.01.2024VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-50411.01.2024VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-50304.01.2024VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-50228.12.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-50121.12.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-50014.12.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-49907.12.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-49830.11.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-49723.11.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-49616.11.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-49509.11.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-49402.11.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-49326.10.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-49219.10.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-49112.10.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-49005.10.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-48928.09.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-48821.09.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-48714.09.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-48607.09.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-48027.07.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-47920.07.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-47813.07.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-47706.07.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-47629.06.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-47522.06.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-47415.06.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-47308.06.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-47201.06.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-47125.05.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-47018.05.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-46911.05.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-46804.05.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-46727.04.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-46620.04.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-46513.04.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-46406.04.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-46330.03.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-46223.03.2023VIEW
Karunya Plus KN-46116.03.2023VIEW

Karunya Plus lottery chart 2023
2023 Karunya-Plus lottery result
Karunya Plus lottery result today live

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