Nirmal Lottery Results | Kerala Lottery Result

The Nirmal lottery results have been announced, and it's time to see if you're a winner! Check your numbers here to find out if you've hit the first prize or won any other exciting prizes.

Nirmal Lottery Results 2023

Kerala Lottery Nirmal Results
Kerala Lottery Nirmal Results

Kerala Lottery Today Result Nirmal

ഇന്നത്തെ കേരള ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം

Nirmal NR-34615.09.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-34508.09.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-34401.09.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-33928.07.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-33821.07.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-33714.07.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-33607.07.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-33530.06.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-33423.06.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-33316.06.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-33209.06.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-33102.06.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-33026.05.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-32919.05.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-32812.05.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-32705.05.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-32628.04.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-32521.04.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-32414.04.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-32307.04.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-32231.03.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-32124.03.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-32017.03.2023VIEW
Nirmal NR-30104.11.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-28912.08.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-28515.07.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-28408.07.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-28301.07.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-28224.06.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-28117.06.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-28010.06.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-27903.06.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-27827.05.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-27720.05.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-27613.05.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-27506.05.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-27429.04.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-27322.04.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-27215.04.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-27108.04.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-27001.04.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-26925.03.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-26818.03.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-26711.03.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-26604.03.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-26525.02.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-26418.02.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-26311.02.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-26204.02.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-26128.01.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-26021.01.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-25807.01.2022VIEW
Nirmal NR-25807.01.2022VIEW

Nirmal lottery chart 2022
2022 Nirmal lottery result
Nirmal lottery result today live

Kerala State Lotteries are publishing 7 weekly lotteries in a week, all lotteries are different names, and different prize's, All Kerala weekly lotteries results you can check from our site, Links are given below.


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