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Jackpot Result Today 05.07.2023: Check the latest Jackpot Today Result Live updates, the winning numbers of the respective lottery draw here. Today result available at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30. Kerala result Chart link is provided below on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Let's read this article and find out the result of the KL Today jackpot 05/07/2023.

Jackpot Result Today

Jackpot Result | Kerala Lottery Charts - July 2023

Jackpot Today Result | KL Results - 05/07/2023

Draw Date: 05-07-2023 (TuesdayDraw Number: 271

Today 05.07.2023 Jackpot Live Results are given below table Please Check!
3 Digit Numbers are 1st Prize, Last 2 Digit 2nd Prize.

Jackpot Today Result 05.07.2023

Today Live Result 05-07-2023

NameTime1st Prize: 10,000/-2nd Prize: 1000/-
Lotto10:30 AM66060
Jackpot11:30 AM28787
Lucky12:30 PM11919
Queen01:30 PM69797
King03:30 PM40101
Star05:30 PM29393
Jackpot06:30 PM22727
Loto07:30 PM--

Yesterday Live Result 04-07-2023

NameTime1st Prize: 10,000/-2nd Prize: 1000/-
Lotto10:30 AM70404
Jackpot11:30 AM61919
Lucky12:30 PM86161
Queen01:30 PM33333
King03:30 PM55757
Star05:30 PM73838
Jackpot06:30 PM34141
Loto07:30 PM01818

Previous Day Result 03-07-2023

NameTime1st Prize: 10,000/-2nd Prize: 1000/-
Lotto10:30 AM64343
Jackpot11:30 AM20101
Lucky12:30 PM03737
Queen01:30 PM18484
King03:30 PM54040
Star05:30 PM30505
Jackpot06:30 PM55252
Loto07:30 PM73131

Kerala Jackpot Previous Results
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Jackpotin Result Today, கேரளா ஜாக்பாட் ரிசல்ட் 
Jackpot Lottery Result Today, KL Jackpot, Kerala Lottery Jackpot, Kerala Today Jackpot Result Chart, Kerala Lottery Guessing Time 1.40

LOTO 10:30 AMKING 3:30 PM
JACK 11:30 AMSTAR 5:30 PM
LUCK 12:30 PMJACK 6:30 PM
QUEE 01:30 PMLOTO 7:30 PM

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