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Kerala Lottery Previous Month Results 2023

DateLottery NameCode1st PrizeResult
01-12-23NirmalNR 357252839View
02-12-23KarunyaKR 630172877View
03-12-23AkshayaAK 628240107View
04-12-23Win WinW 746556511View
05-12-23Sthree SakthiSS 392780640View
06-12-23Fifty FiftyFF 75500192View
07-12-23Karunya PlusKN 499528870View
08-12-23NirmalNR 358664947View
09-12-23KarunyaKR 631108952View
10-12-23AkshayaAK 629480566View
11-12-23Win WinW 747633441View
12-12-23Sthree SakthiSS 393374715View
13-12-23Fifty FiftyFF 76787010View
14-12-23Karunya PlusKN 500526666View
15-12-23NirmalNR 359421787View
16-12-23KarunyaKR 632256541View
17-12-23AkshayaAK 630827159View
18-12-23Win WinW 748648063View
19-12-23Sthree SakthiSS 394185783View
20-12-23Fifty FiftyFF 77605976View
21-12-23Karunya PlusKN 501953828View
22-12-23NirmalNR 360704186View
23-12-23KarunyaKR 633674793View
24-12-23AkshayaAK 631227161View
25-13-23Win WinW 749827010View
26-12-23Sthree SakthiSS 395725817View
27-12-23Fifty FiftyFF 78492775View
28-12-23Karunya PlusKN 502919223View
29-12-23NirmalNR 361470962View
30-12-23KarunyaKR 634686743View
31-12-23AkshayaAK 632450400View

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