Previous Month Chart - Kerala Lottery Result

 Previous Month Chart Chart October 2023

Previous Month Chart - Kerala Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery October Month Results 2023

DateLottery NameCode1st PrizeResult
01-10-23AkshayaAK 619933826View
03-10-23Sthree SakthiSS 383787439View
04-10-23Fifty FiftyFF 67682046View
05-10-23Karunya PlusKN 490294042View
06-10-23NirmalNR 349929546View
07-10-23KarunyaKR 622622156View
08-10-23AkshayaAK 620197092View
09-10-23Win WinW 718929441View
10-10-23Sthree SakthiSS 384427128View
11-10-23Fifty FiftyFF 68303966View
12-10-23Karunya PlusKN 491409033View
13-10-23NirmalNR 350129409View
14-10-23KarunyaKR 623128210View
15-10-23AkshayaAK 621905786View
16-10-23Win WinW 739250899View
17-10-23SthreeSakthiSS 385489862View
18-10-23Fifty FiftyFF 69600110View
19-10-23Karunya PlusKN 492200159View
20-10-23NirmalNR 351857079View
21-10-23KarunyaKR 624732899View
22-10-23AkshayaAK 622974984View
23-10-23Win WinW 740824552View
24-10-23Sthree SakthiSS 386220689View
25-10-23Fifty FiftyFF 70764308View
26-10-23Karunya PlusKN 493261309View
27-10-23NirmalNR 352325587View
28-10-23KarunyaKR 625546802View
29-10-23AkshayaAK 623519598View
30-10-23Win WinW 741465665View
31-10-23Sthree SakthiSS387226992View

KL Lottery First Prize tables you will get from this page, If you want to check the full result for the particular day, click on 'view' result or go to the home page and type lottery code to view the full result.

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